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When you're wearing the perfect bra,
you won't just look amazing, you'll feel it.

Find Your Size

Panty Size Chart

We will help you find more shape and
support than you ever knew existed.

Put on an unpadded bra that you think fits
you well and grab a measuring tape.

Right under your bra. Tape should be parallel to the floor

To find your band size, wrap the tape directly underneath your bust. Make sure it is under your bra and parallel to the floor. Pull the tape snug and read your measurement. That's all there is to it!

Fullest part of your bust. Tape should be parallel to the floor

To find your cup size, wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust. Keep it parallel to the floor and don't stretch it too tightly. Now, relax your arms to your sides (as best you can) and read your measurement.


How modest would you say you are?

  • I'm not afraid to show a little skin (under my shirt!).
  • I like to leave a little more to the imagination.
  • Depends on the day, my mood and everything else.

You are a size fantastic.

Or in other words, a
with a preference for coverage.

Now let's find you a bra that will give you more shape and support than you ever knew possible.

Find Your Bra Fit

Even bras in the exact same size can fit you a bit differently. Use these tips to evaluate the
bras you have so you can be sure they're giving you all the support you need, and want.

Strap Test

Are the straps snug on your shoulders but loose enough to slide two fingers underneath?

Two-finger strap test

Fill Check

Peek inside. Do the cups fit smoothly against you with no gaps or wrinkles?

Lift Test

Turn to the side. Are your breasts sitting halfway between your shoulders and elbows?

Maximum lift test


Does the center piece lay flat against you without buckling?

Center Challenge

Spill Check

Do you fit into the cups without spilling over the tops?

Spill Check

Band Check

Is the band tight enough to support you but loose enough to pass the two-finger test?

Stretch Test

Raise you arms, bend over, twist. Does the band stay in place (no hiking up in back)?

Stretch Test


Does the band fit you best on the middle hook?

Hook Check


Does every single part of this bra feel comfortable on you?

Top Test

Put your top on. How do you look? Seamless? Smooth? Lifted?

Top Test